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Hi there I’d Like to introduce myself my name is Francisco “Frank” Herrera I am the owner of shower doors plus located in the best city in the world also known as San Antonio, Texas. I am currently 28 years old and If you haven’t already guessed it born and raised in San Antonio. I am huge Spurs fan through thick and thin. I grew up on the south east side of San Antonio, My mother and father were both hardworking parents we would hardly see them rest growing up. I guessed you can say it carried over, because today I am the same way restless and passionate about everything I commit to. Amazing things happen when you do what you love.

I started working for A local glass company in 2013 I was brought in to the company by a friend. With chances to earn more money then I was currently making, I didn’t hesitate jumped at the opportunity. I would not say immediately, As you can imagine I was extremely nervous working with glass for the first time, but over time I fell in love with the craft. Watching and learning as much as I could. The glass business is a game of precision, the details matter and mistakes are costly. This really helped too hold my attention.

Fast forward a bit the year is August 2017 “SDP” is formed

My hopes for this Blog is to try and be as transparent as possible, educating my customer showing tips and tricks on how to care for your glass after its been installed and what to keep in mind when planning and building. For my fellow glazers I hope to share ideas and network. Documenting my journey along the way.Id love to hear your feedback along with any questions or blog post you would like me to post. Don’t be shy ask away.

Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas

Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas